The Last Airbender REVIEW by Wafula p'Khisa


When I grow up,
I want to make love to the Universe,
And give birth to an Earth,
All other planets will envy.
An Earth the moon will fall madly in love with,
Hold hands and dance in the orbits,
Of the Milky Way.

When I grow up,
I want to re-write history,
Where all heroes are women.
I want to re-write the book of Genesis,
And give man power,
Over the gods he created.

When I grow up,
I want to be an alchemist:
Mix Water, Earth, Wind and Fire,
In a pot of gold,
To create a panacea,
To heal Mother Earth.

When I grow up,
I want to walk on air,
Like the Last Airbender.
Bend all the laws of Nature,
Meditate and levitate like Buddha;
Heal souls with pranic waves.

When I grow up,
I want to telepath and teleport,
Read thoughts of men,
Change time,
And reverse bad karma.

When I grow up,
I want to die at will.
Attend my own funeral,
See what is on the other side,
And live life,
Without fear of hell,
And eternal condemnation.

When I die,
I want to see with my Third Eye.
See the past, the present and the future,
At the same time.
I want to take Jesus down from the cross,
Turn his scars into chakras,
And his crown of thorns,
Into a halo of eternal light.
Tell him no crucifixion anymore,
For every man is born a saint.

When I grow up,
I want to be God:
Create Man in my own image,
So that I will understand,
And love myself,
In a billion ways.

When I grow up,
I want to be forever young.
Young enough to enjoy life as it comes,
And old enough to know,
When to let go.

When I grow up,
I want to be myself;
For I am still,

A spiritual toddler.


The Last Airbender: A Review.
By Wafula p'Khisa.

Michael Ochoki alias Mike Wudz is a versatile, exciting and inspiring and one of the twenty first century's major poet. His poetry, though full of simplicity, is ingrained in satire, prophecy and revolutionary ideologies-- protest and resistance.One such poem is ''Voters on Vacation''. Moreover, his poetry can be summed as four-fold. One is man(sexuality and humanity). Two is religion(spiritualit­y). Three is the state(politics and governance). And four is the universe.***

The poem is alluded to a 2010 American fantasy adventure film ''The Last Airbender''. The film was written, produced and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

''Airbender'' literally refers to someone who can or manipulates (bends) air. Therefore, ''The Last Airbender'' refers to the last (and only) person who could manipulate the air. But metaphorically, it is a messiah. The last and only person the world is in dire need of for redemption, healing and protection-- if life has to continue. Just like Aang (Noah Ringer) in the film. He is a mighty avator-- the only person on the planet able to manipulate the elements: water, air, fire and Earth to conquer the world. Thus distance people from the woes and suffering in the world.

The Last Airbender is a meditative poem. A little child's dream. Therefore, the speaker is a child (stanza10, line4). Moreover, this is emphasized in the line 'When I growup'-- at the beginning of every stanza, except stanza7. In the mind of a child, Wudz meditates (or fantasizes) about what kind of person he will be and what he will do when he grows up. This reminds of childhood innocence and reasoning. It fools one to imagine that life is easy and everything is possible.

In stanza1, the speaker expresses desire to love, care and protect the universe( line2). This will enable him to establish a new Earth that will experience no darkness."...moon will fall in love with...''(line5). He personifies the moon by saying that it will fall in love, hold hands and dance with the Earth (line6). This tells us how ever bright the Earth will be. And he says or rather foresees that this will make other planets envious.(line4).

In stanza2, the speaker intends to change the order of things. To re-write history and glorify women for their heroism.(line3). He intends to enlighten and empower man, once he re-writes the book of Genesis(line4). This would enable man to control the things(gods) he created (line6). The 'gods' here may mean man's inventions, habits and constructs which have overwhelmed him, humiliates and have made him to worship them. For example, technology, corruption,tribalism, bombs etc.

In stanza3&4, the speaker desires tobe an alchemist(scientist)­. To create a remedy(panacea-- medicine), (stanza3,line5) by mixing Earth, water, wind and fire to heal mother Earth (stanza3,line6). This implies redeeming or saving the world from its ailments. Furthermore, he wants to be like Aang (the airbender in the film): to control air and meditate to have spiritual powers that could enable him to heal people(stanza4). However, to achieve these, he intends to bend all laws of nature (stanza,line4). As a saviour, this likens him to Christ. Jesus violated the laws, including the law of Sabath to heal people and save lives.

Moreover, in stanza3, he hints to us that only scientific inventions and technological advancement will healthe world. That is by creating jobs, manufacturing medicine and drugs to treat diseases etc. It is something he would do when he grows up.

He further says, in stanza5, that he wants to be able to read people's minds, communicate without using verbal or visual means (telepath), change and reverse bad karma (deeds or actions). These can only be done by a supernatural being-- a'God'. This is whom the speaker wants to be. The last messiah; universal saviour.

He wants to die at will (stanza6,line6). This ironical. It is contrary to to our inbuilt perception of death: no sane man can will to die. Moreover, he says that he will remove Jesus from the cross, heal his scars and assure him of no more crucifixion (stanza7). This portrays him as the last messiah indeed. A God. Greater and more powerful than Jesus Christ. Damn. Fancy that!

In stanza8, the speaker says that hewants to be God. This is a metaphor. It implies a supreme being, with power and high moral standards. Compassionate, just, loving, omniscient etc. Thus to create man with similar character traits( line3)

However, in as much as the speakerwants to grow up, and realize these dreams, he is afraid of old age.(stanza9,line2).­ Old age is associated with weakness and distate of some things, probably pleasure. Therefore, he wants to remain young forever to enjoy life( pleasures of the world) but be wise, like the old to make right decisions-- stanza9,line2,3,4&5.


Those were years ago
I think I was 8 years old
When I saw Dishon dangling from a sisal rope
Around his neck
While his mother
122 years old
Lay her lifeless bones
On a mat in her hut
What struck me to this day
Was tears on the face of Mary
She must have died a bitter woman
Death is relief
I love death
My death
Is the only thing I look forward to
Until then
I will make love to my woman
On sand beaches of Miami
And such possible dreams

(If a family tree withers by the roots,
What's left of the shoots and the fruits?)

So you also decided to die?
What's so cool about dying anyway?
Those stupid lies about heaven?
So who's supposed to raise these kids?
How can you just lie there in that casket
As if you can't hear our wails
And taste the salt in our tears?
Can't you atleast wave bye bye
Before we lower you to that dark cold grave?

You can die all you like
We still here though
Look down on us
Blow magic dusk on our daily hustles

A birthday and two funerals
Ten years apart
Existence is a number
Number the heart became
To aunt Biyaki and Mary
That woman who kissed the face of God
And spent her twilight years
Smoking and weaving baskets
Then later succumbed to pneumonia
She somehow inspires a poet's uncertain feet
Of dreamy nights
And better days

Picture me candle gazing
Rehearsing my demise
Astral projecting
Killing monotony of
These physical holograms
After chanting farewells by the graveside
Throwing a handful of sand on your coffin
Mumbling the family rituals
Hoping God designs you a flawless pair of brand new wings


(2 Chainz thinks there's a Gucci store in heaven.
Tupac thought a ghetto would do. Biggie thought the white robs and singing 'Hossana' would be boring as fuck.
I don't believe in heaven either.
But then, where thou goest?)

Like I was saying...

Tell pops I quit smoking
And went back to school
My girl had to abort
The baby I was to name you after
Nineteen and broke
What a street hustler to do?
Poetry and Black Pearl
Is my only addiction now
Chapman's 'Fast Car' makes so much sense now
Especially when we hum along
Snapping fingers to the dark roof
We is sick of street scheming
We want a cool crib by the suburbs
And light-skinned kids who speak good English

Age is the only threat to this lifestyle
I'ma need uncle Nyokang'i's rusty tweezers to pluck grey hairs from my nostrils
Hope he and Biyaki are finally hugging in the clouds
They used to call me 'Obisa'
And when in good humour 'Bwanunda'
Because of my chubby tummy and darker complexion
How a nigger turned out this skinny though?
They knew I had Luo blood in me
Every family has secrets
I'm mama's secret
From a letter I found in her purse
I must have reincarnated in her womb
During the interlude
Of their divorce
She had expected a girl
And so she dressed me in girl clothes
And plaited my hair
Either in my past life I was a naughty broad
Or this explains why I was a sissy growing up
I remember cousin Zephaniah sticking his dick in my ass
Was I that beautiful?
That shit made me homophobic
To this day
I can't share a bed
With a brother
Without lights on
And a belt around my waist

One day
Mama made me mad
I ran amock through the sugarcane plantations
I refused to eat for two days
Richie (you used to call him 'Monday'wink
Consoled me
He later lost his head in a road accident
A day after I left his house in South B
His Kamba girlfriend was there
It seems
Life is an orgy
Infinite flirting with death

This ode should stop here
People on earth hate long poems
Especially if they are not about love and sex
Fuck them, K

Do they know ours was a love poem?
Can poetry immortalize your memory
Your stupid temper
Your sweet coochie?
How many times did we shag in a day?
That fight
That night in campus?
My major crime was you
Prisoner of conscience
I sleep behind bars
Of these rap sheets
You and I never really broke up
We probably shouldn't meet again
You are dead
Dead as the future written
On the sands of chronos
Out of revenge
I hear you got pregnant
By the same motherfucker I didn't like
Well, fuck you

To the folks I lost
Through death
And love
This doggerel is my elegy
Distorted melodies of a bleeding throat
Barren hands
Hii hustle hai-raffle feathers za butterfly doors
You taught me about ambition
Loss and uncertainty
It was like dancing on fallen needles
With magnet feet

Sine I don't cry at funerals
Laments my dew drop sigh:

See you in the next life.


Being a man means being born into the world of fees and bills,
It means,
Not being yourself because society has set standards.

A man never cries,
Works hard till he dies,
Fights to prove his might,
He has to wake up at 4 work till late night,
A sweat-drenched underwear and a creased face from life's hardknocks.
A man has to come home with a gift for the kids,
And the spouse too or else there's no hug or kiss.

Being a man means to compete:
Become better than everyone else,
And create unnecessary enemies in the process,
A man has to lick other people's asses for success,
Or die with less,
Get the life he never had,
Live to approve or disapprove his dad,
Pile assets others will inherit when he is dead,
And when he gets a little richer,
There's friends, relatives and in-laws who want a piece of the pie,
And if he doesn't give,
He is selfish;
An enemy of the have-nots.

A man has to vote,
Campaign with matchetes and stones,
And placards,
To support his race or his tribal brothers.

A man has to satisfy his woman financially and sexually,
Or else other men will.
So what's the fate of the broke and the impotent?

A man has to go to school to get a job and feel important,
Or else become an underdog;
And bitter critic of the system.
Mwanaume ni...ndio anthem.
A man has to steal while he has the chance...
Or die without a cent.

You see being a man is a fulltime job,
You either work your way to the top or rob,
And if you happen to sit home all day having fun with your lady,
They will call you lazy.
And if you're too sweet and sexy,
They'll call you gay.
If you're too polite they will call you weak,
A man without balls, a bitch.
...An office, suit and tie,
They call you "boss".

Being a man means attending church services for the sake of your wife and kids,
And listen to celibate priests,
Tell you how to be a good husband,
When you wish you could be drinking and shooting pool,
And cheering your favorite soccer team like Liverpool.

Being a man means marrying to impress the parents,
Or maybe to be equal with your friends.
Being a man means dying from drugs, STIs, street fights and bullets,
Because the streets taught you, that being a man means punching his cheek instead of turning yours like that man Jesus preached.
Well, they still killed him anyway and he died like a man,
Because being a man means dying for the truth...if you believe in it.

Being a man means stereo typing:
Go to the gym,
Get mad when you see her with him,
Give a black eye to the spouse,
To prove that I am the man in this house,
Living the life of crime for a quick buck and sticking a knife,
Into a man's throat and watch life escape from his eyes,
Because being a real nigger, means killing for a living,
Like a soldier in a battle field dying in wars planned by other men;
Men who were taught that being a man means power and control,
And instilling fear.
You better run when you see a man drop a tear!

Verily, verily,
I say unto ye:
Being a man means becoming a woman!
I mean,
Is puffing our chest
A desire to grow breasts?
Is wearing skinny jeans
Our desire to grow hips?
Is plaiting our hair
A desire to be beautiful like her?
Is loving, protecting, providing for her,
A desire to find ourselves in her?

You see, being a man is a sad part of the human experience:
A bruised ego healing itself,
A lonely shadow of God,
Eve's rib lost in Eden that cries out for love.

Being a man is being subhuman.
I mean, who starts all wars?
Hitler, Ho Chi, Charles Taylor, Musolini, Mao Ze Dong, Idi Amini were all not women.

Who are crying in jail and drowning sorrows in liquor stores and drugs?
Who are burning down houses and blowing bombs?
Who get wealthy by totting guns in Hiphop videos, whoring women and preaching violence in their lyrics?

Steve Harvey,
I think a man should think like a lady and act like a man,
Then maybe man will become human again.

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