"the original thought"

Posted by Wudz on 08:02 PM, 16-Dec-14

out of god's mouth
two snakes slither
they slide down my spine
to invoke my kundalini
in my crown chakra spins
the halo of hail stones
and tails of dragons

i am the phantom of the city
i am the wet dream of chastity
the left breast of mother nature
my sperm is nectar
let every parched throat kneel before me
the voodoo of alchemists
who stole the african bible
traded our folk talks with these greek mythologies
a brother gauges his reverse of stupidity
on how many white pages he has crammed
and escaped from the black thought
the god thought

you may hide your tears
in the pages of the holy book
but reality hits you
the moment you walk down the street

you see the moment you were born black
your destiny was defined
your food will be hunger
your peace will be war and oil
you’re just another clever monkey
on a banana tree for free
smelling good in foreign clothes

i was not squeezed out of my mother’s thighs
to prove that i can survive
on ghetto dusts or suburban sandwiches
or rape poetry for food and
finger-snapping in dark lit corridors of art
i am a product of juicy gossip
from dry lips
from a cuddle i was born

i am a man
i am the man
i am
i am who
i am whom
i am what
i am why
i am
i is god
am is creating
i am is existence
empty spaces between atoms

my spirit on a witch’s broom
i am a suicide note
on the feet of the cross
i’m dying for god
not for mankind

men armed with knives
tearing the sky apart to expose heaven
raindrops with stains
men want to see the underwear of god
don’t kiss me
your lips stink lies
there is a cloud made of tears

last night i dreamt
i dreamt i was a poem
and my life was a death sentence
un-moving words
last night i dreamt i was awake
and my life was falling asleep
serenades of guns and raped children
rhetoric of leaders on podiums
put me right to sleep
my drooling tore a hole through the pillow
that’s when i knew
my words are acid
they burn children and churches
and break hearts of love

i am silent
am i foolish?
i talk a lot
am i clever?

then what words are for
if they can’t craft something out nothing
like elohim did in the chasm
the original obscurity
the original thought

i am the original thought.