Being a man means being born into the world of fees and bills,
It means,
Not being yourself because society has set standards.

A man never cries,
Works hard till he dies,
Fights to prove his might,
He has to wake up at 4 work till late night,
A sweat-drenched underwear and a creased face from life's hardknocks.
A man has to come home with a gift for the kids,
And the spouse too or else there's no hug or kiss.

Being a man means to compete:
Become better than everyone else,
And create unnecessary enemies in the process,
A man has to lick other people's asses for success,
Or die with less,
Get the life he never had,
Live to approve or disapprove his dad,
Pile assets others will inherit when he is dead,
And when he gets a little richer,
There's friends, relatives and in-laws who want a piece of the pie,
And if he doesn't give,
He is selfish;
An enemy of the have-nots.

A man has to vote,
Campaign with matchetes and stones,
And placards,
To support his race or his tribal brothers.

A man has to satisfy his woman financially and sexually,
Or else other men will.
So what's the fate of the broke and the impotent?

A man has to go to school to get a job and feel important,
Or else become an underdog;
And bitter critic of the system.
Mwanaume ni...ndio anthem.
A man has to steal while he has the chance...
Or die without a cent.

You see being a man is a fulltime job,
You either work your way to the top or rob,
And if you happen to sit home all day having fun with your lady,
They will call you lazy.
And if you're too sweet and sexy,
They'll call you gay.
If you're too polite they will call you weak,
A man without balls, a bitch.
...An office, suit and tie,
They call you "boss".

Being a man means attending church services for the sake of your wife and kids,
And listen to celibate priests,
Tell you how to be a good husband,
When you wish you could be drinking and shooting pool,
And cheering your favorite soccer team like Liverpool.

Being a man means marrying to impress the parents,
Or maybe to be equal with your friends.
Being a man means dying from drugs, STIs, street fights and bullets,
Because the streets taught you, that being a man means punching his cheek instead of turning yours like that man Jesus preached.
Well, they still killed him anyway and he died like a man,
Because being a man means dying for the truth...if you believe in it.

Being a man means stereo typing:
Go to the gym,
Get mad when you see her with him,
Give a black eye to the spouse,
To prove that I am the man in this house,
Living the life of crime for a quick buck and sticking a knife,
Into a man's throat and watch life escape from his eyes,
Because being a real nigger, means killing for a living,
Like a soldier in a battle field dying in wars planned by other men;
Men who were taught that being a man means power and control,
And instilling fear.
You better run when you see a man drop a tear!

Verily, verily,
I say unto ye:
Being a man means becoming a woman!
I mean,
Is puffing our chest
A desire to grow breasts?
Is wearing skinny jeans
Our desire to grow hips?
Is plaiting our hair
A desire to be beautiful like her?
Is loving, protecting, providing for her,
A desire to find ourselves in her?

You see, being a man is a sad part of the human experience:
A bruised ego healing itself,
A lonely shadow of God,
Eve's rib lost in Eden that cries out for love.

Being a man is being subhuman.
I mean, who starts all wars?
Hitler, Ho Chi, Charles Taylor, Musolini, Mao Ze Dong, Idi Amini were all not women.

Who are crying in jail and drowning sorrows in liquor stores and drugs?
Who are burning down houses and blowing bombs?
Who get wealthy by totting guns in Hiphop videos, whoring women and preaching violence in their lyrics?

Steve Harvey,
I think a man should think like a lady and act like a man,
Then maybe man will become human again.


NIGHT OWLS: A Tale of 3 MCs and a Booth

There is something cool about the night life. That was way before I stopped club-hopping. The annoying bit being hiyo tabia ya mafedi ku-snap pingu ovyo ovyo then kuchomoka na 1k ama punch. That's 4 beers gone to waste. What I still find thrilling though is the lights, the traffic, the rush, the hoes, the mini (mean) thighs, the phone-snatching and the hawkers. (Mine hit the floor jana and cracked the screen but still inafanya. Hehehe.)

Last night was a dope one after receiving an e-mail from KOLA: African Street Writers saying my poem "A Memo To Nemo" had won the competition and they will send me 10, 000 Naira by the end of this month. That felt good. She saw the e-mail too and gave me a tight hug.

There was a light drizzle, though. Who doesn't like a drizzle in the evening?

The best part is when you have two of the best MCs in tow on a Monday evening, with only one mission in mind: record music all night. Logical Truth had travelled all the way from Kisumu (K-City), specifically Mosque Queens, having been invited by MC Spook. I had come across Logical's music online by accident. You know, one of those days when you scheme through to check out what's up for your own self. I liked his stuff straight away. 'Lyrics is God written' is his mantra and to date, I play "Astral Projection" and "Rewind It Please" almost on daily basis. So meeting him in person was a blessing, so to speak.

I found him and Spook already on the first track of the evening; paying tribute to the two cities we hail from. K-City and Eldy (E-Town if you wish). Quickly I grabbed my phone and typed a 16. Spook was on the cockpit while Logical was at the reception scribbling fast on his note pad. We got into the booth in turns and made history. The two ninjas have classic flows while I still think I'm below par when it comes to delivery but I honestly don't give two shits no more. I'ma keep doing me until the end of me--till the end of rhyme. It's just what it is. Bless whoever rings to my shit. Shout out to all believers.

We sampled losta beats from different producers including 9th Wonder's tribute to Bob Womack and still chopped verses to the best of our obsession. By 3 a.m. when I started dozing by the studio chair, we had deuced about 8 tracks. Spook vowed to master them and upload or e-mail to us both. But you see, once you lay a good verse you just wanna play that shit over and over again until you get sick of it before even the complete version is out. That's what we did. Got demos of the best 3 and Flashshared them as we walked down the stairs at 5 a.m.

Logical had to get back to campus and so we saw him off at the bus stage. I and Spook played the demos on repeat as we dragged our feet back to the hood, bobbing head and remarking on who killed the beat, whose flow was on cue, whose lines was dope and all that jaaaazz.

By the way Spook has about 36 albums, each album having 30 songs with different MCs. None of them officially released. He has collaboed with Kalimani Tha MC, MC Proto, Romi Swahili...anyone you can think of. He is a ninja who does this rap shit strictly out of passion.

I'm thinking of releasing my album/mixtape late this year, though. It's a cocktail of rap, poetry and pop. Conveniently named "Street Cocktail".

Details zinakam.

(After hii lazima ni-take nap 'cause I'm so goddamn sleepy right now.)

The time is 11.38 a.m.

Wudz Biography

Wudz is a writer, performer, free thinker and lover of the word. His passion is basically poetry and Hip-hop music.

Growing up in the streets of Langas, a crime and poverty infested neighborhood in Eldoret town, Wudz found solace in books and rap music. His spark in literature was kindled through poetry collections by the likes of Laban Erapu, David Rubadiri, Shakespeare, Tupac Shakur, Maya Angelo, Amiri Baraka,Taban Lo Liyong among others. He also drew creative inspiration from fictitious works by African and Western writers; New Age/meta physics writers such as David Icke, Stuart Wilde, Robert Bruce, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Toby Alexendar, Damiana Sage Miller, to mention but a few. Being a lover of Hiphop, Wudz used to (still does) Google lyrics of all of his favorite rap songs just to learn and analyze the song-writings skills, theme and style.

This would later see him pen his own work after high school. When his poem "Caged" won the title of "Best Scripted Verse" under Solo Verses category during the Kenya Drama Festivals Western Province, he knew poetry was his calling. "Caged" is written from an innocent inmate's point of view.

As a result, he has an anthology titled "Chronicles of a Lost Poet" to his name. After an unsuccessful attempt to get reviewers and publishers, he decided to give the e-book free. Another collaborated anthology "THE SENTENCE: Behind Bars of Wit" which is a collection of poems by different poets published digitally by Wudz himself, can be downloaded here:

He is currently working on his second collection "Acheringa" which is titled after Australian myth of awakening ("Dreamtime").

His style can be described as guileless, satirical and witty. He comfortably fuses contemporary modes of expression with antediluvian panaches to render voice to his work either in English, Swahili or slang. He tackles philosophy, alternative thought, sexuality and social injustices with little reservation for conformity.

Wudz whose real name is Michael Ochoki, is a member of Eldoret Poets Association, a virtual poets’ group, and One Night Stand platforms which organize poetry events; and literary and art workshops in Eldoret town. He is in charge of Production in One Night Stand. Together with Simon Oyatsi, Dan Owiti alias Ordinary Mind, Steve Otieno, Caroline Nyabeta and Helenah Kim, they have given poetry a space for evolution in the town and beyond.

He has performed at several poetry platforms including 'Step-Up' (Boobies Lounge), 'One-Night Stand' (Hotel Comfy, Asis Hotel and The Horizon Hotel), 'Plug In Lounge' with Vigilant The Band (Prime Chick) and several other university based poetry gigs and platforms.

On the music front, Wudz is a Hip-hop artist who has a mixtape "Street Cocktail" to his name. The mixtape was initially dubbed "The New Testament" but later changed due to predispositions of religious misapprehension. The mixtape is a cocktail of rap, poetry, and pop. Samples of his music and audio poetry (spoken word) can be downloaded here

Wudz has a passion for New Age teachings and has a profound interest in astrology, Buddhism, Theosophy, Pan Africanism, human history, Ascension and pranic healing. This depicts the impression that he is a spiritual person though he harbours reservations against organized religion and politics. As a result, he etches articles on a variety of issues to maintain his sanity, as he says. Visit his blog for a taste of this and more.

Wudz loves nature, music, movies, art, cooking, travelling, reading and yoga. He loves solitude which means he only spends most of his time reading and listening to Underground/Hardcore Hip-hop, Jazz, Neo-soul, Rock and Afro tunes.

He is a Libra. His stage name is deeply rooted in his culture, whose original meaning, as given by his grandfather and mother in his native tongue, has something to do with trees and he later changed it from 'Woods' and then abbreviated to "Wudz" and adopted it as stage name. His pen name is "Myq Wudz"; "Myq" being the colloquial version of "Mike/Michael". The initials for "Wudz" stand for (Words. Universe. Destiny. Zodiac). He believes words have power ("....and the Word was God"), universal love and conscious awakening can lead us back to Oneness; we choose our destiny before birth and the cosmos (zodiac) and star alignment have a bearing on one's path during this physical incarnation.

He is politicophobic, meaning he doesn't vote nor attend political rallies. His abhorrence for politics can be construed in most of his works, a case in point, “Voters on Strike”.

Catch him on 2nd August, 2014 live in performance during the popular and much publicized One Night Stand among other poets, spoken word artists, rappers, vocalists and actors in Eldoret town, Comfy Hotel (rooftop). On 1st August catch him at Prime Chick with Vigilant The Band for spoken word dew drops and live music.

Find him on Facebook and Twitter as Myq Wudz.
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